MyBible.Study began as a project to help Cam, a busy Christian, have a quick and easy way to study the Bible and keep track of his insights. Instead of keeping this project to himself, he opened it up for other busy Christians to use as well. Like Cam has learned, you can have a great Bible Study experience, even when you don’t have a whole lot of time to spend studying the Bible with MyBible.Study!

The concept is simple: A new passage from one of the gospels is shown each day with one of several open-ended, thought-provoking questions. After saving your response, you can then see what others have learned while studying this passage with this question. Together we can learn and grow closer to God!

Who’s this site for?

This site exists to help busy people have a way to study the Bible that is more in-depth than simply reading the Bible or a devotional each day.

Why Study the Bible?

I (Cam) believe God is intensely interested in knowing each of us personally. One of the best ways we can grow a relationship with God is through reading and studying the Bible. However, most “Bible studies” are focused on simply convincing you of the author’s viewpoint.

MyBible.Study is different. On this site, you will find a short passage from one of the gospels and one open-ended question that you can use to dig into the passage itself. You are free to dig into the passage (positively or negatively) as you wrestle with what God’s Word is wanting to teach you.

The Benefits of Membership!

Sign up today and keep track of your responses. As a member, you can mark your responses as private if they are more personal, you can edit or even delete your responses, and you can give other users’ public responses a “thumbs up” to let them know you care, you agree, and/or if they shared something you hadn’t seen before.

As we walk on this journey called life together, let’s grow together, one question at a time!


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